December 22, 2021

About the ANCA Culture Survey and Equity Audit

ANCA Culture Survey and Equity Audit 2In our most recent strategic plan, ANCA 2025, we stated a desire to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our membership and the profession. We quickly realized that we struggled to quantify the data needed to provide critical feedback for improvement. Awareness of our strengths and areas of opportunity are critical to our growth as an industry, so this January we are implementing the ANCA Culture Survey to establish a benchmark of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our professional field. Our goal is to identify and remediate any disparities in experiences of nature and environmental learning center employees based on social identities. The ANCA Culture Survey is available to all current ANCA members and other paid staff at ANCA member organizations, and we have sent them the survey directly. 

In addition to the ANCA Culture Survey, we are asking select individuals to complete the ANCA Equity Audit. The Equity Audit will be used to assess organizational policies, practices, and performance measurement at ANCA member organizations.

All responses are anonymously collected in a secure, third-party application. Both the Culture Survey and the Equity Audit are live until January 23rd at midnight. This survey was created in partnership with Cream City Conservation & Consulting LLC.

In late November we hosted a Q&A about the Culture Survey and how it will be used — click below to watch.

Survey Participant FAQs 

Our main goal is to create a straightforward survey experience. Here we'll answer some general queries about answering a survey using the Culture Amp system. Your first source of information is any emails or invitations sent to you. Your survey will also have a Welcome Screen that will explain the basics. If you ever have any questions or feedback, you can always connect directly with August M. Ball, . (Please be sure to state which organization’s survey you are referring to in your email.) 

Confidentiality vs. Anonymity 

At Cream City Conservation, our goal is to help organizations put culture first, and one of the ways we do so is by allowing your organization to run a survey that allows you to share your valuable, and oftentimes vulnerable, feedback. As you complete a survey, you might wonder, “who can see my response and how?” We often get questions like this about confidentiality, anonymity, and the difference between the two. The ANCA Culture Survey and Equity Audit are anonymous surveys.

Still have questions? 

Email Cream City Conservation founder and CEO, August M. Ball at