Full 2021 Summit Schedule Now Available

You can now review the full schedule for the 2021 ANCA Summit, August 23-26.

This unique virtual event features different opportunities for you to learn and connect with other nature center leaders, including:

FACILITATED DISCUSSIONS where all attendees enrich the discussion by contributing ideas and experiences on a topic. Facilitators ensure a shared dialogue that brings out an abundance of perspectives, possibilities, and renewed energy.

WORKSHOPS for you to expand your skill set and learn in-depth on a single topic, while also directly engaging with experts.

FEATURED SPEAKERS who will offer their expertise on current trends and innovation in the field.

OPEN SPACE SESSIONS provide an opportunity for participants to create their own meeting, continue a session that needs more time, or find a group to address an issue that was not presented elsewhere during the Summit.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES will help you grow and strengthen your personal network. With spaces for small group and one-on-one interaction, you can create connections that will endure long after the Summit.

With these experiences and more, the Summit will be an impactful event for all current and future leaders in the nature and environmental learning center field.