Organization: North Cascades Institute
Job Type: Seasonal, Full-Time
Location: Diablo, WA
Salary: $13.50/hour
The North Cascades Institute is seeking a motivated candidate to be a spring Assistant Program Instructor at its Environmental Learning Center (ELC), located on the shores of Diablo Lake in North Cascades National Park. Primary duties will include shadowing, teaching, and supporting environmental education for youth in the Mountain School program, assisting with Learning Center administration tasks, and participating in Institute events, staff meetings, and debriefs. The Assistant Program Instructor will work under the supervision of program staff and be mentored by other program instructors. This position is designed to provide mentorship for the applicant as well as practical support for the instructor team. Summer employment opportunities will be advertised in February 2020 for parties interested in continuing their journey with North Cascades Institute.
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Closing Date: 01/01/2020