Residential Environmental Learning Center Summit

Residential Environmental Learning Center Summit Participants at the 2019 RELC Summit.

The biennial Residential Environmental Learning Center (RELC) Summit brings together executive directors and education leadership staff from residential environmental learning centers across North America. These centers share unique challenges, and the RELC Summit fosters a space to solve problems and build connections in this particular field.

What participants can expect
  • Meeting at a residential center, with the agenda featuring behind-the-scenes tours and program activities
  • Connecting with administrators and program staff from residential programs throughout the continent
  • Sharing Best Practices in programming as well as in the challenges of housing and feeding people at a center
  • A conference that values the experience and expertise of attendees

Since its debut in 1996, the RELC Summit has adopted the Open Space system to conduct the conference. Participants will be asked to bring management-level topics as well as program topics to share and learn from one another, and the agenda will be created by the group. We utilize the Facilitated Discussion format to conduct the meetings. Instead of a single voice presenting information, everyone present will enrich the discussion by contributing ideas and experiences.

We also take advantage of our time together to share stories, music, and laughter! We hope you will join us. Check back later for information about the RELC Summit 2022.

The Residential Environmental Learning Center conference is the single most useful gathering of practitioners in the country for residential EE programs. Imagine all of the biggest challenges you have at your center, and in this one weekend gathering you will leave with ideas and ways to approach all of them ... from people who have been in the same place as you!

— John DiDiego, Education Director, Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont