Region Meetings

To connect our members regionally, ANCA offers peer-to-peer opportunities for professional development in regions across the country.

"...Yesterday's ANCA Region Meeting (and I hope my first of many!), was so informative. I came away invigorated and ready to implement the materials presented. It was also wonderful to hear the sharing of experiences and challenges of other nature centers in our region. You did a wonderful job organizing and facilitating the meeting. Kudos!" - Mary Harkola at Beaver Lake Nature Center speaking about the New York Region Meeting


ANCA Members are currently working with their local colleagues to hold regular meetings in nine different regions across the United States. Look into your local region and network with your regional peers today!

Upcoming Meetings

Mid-Atlantic Region: September 14th, 2018, ACE Citizen Science Symposium and ANCA Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting, sponsored by the Association of Conservation Executivesand the Association of Nature Center Administrators, with support from Marshall & Sterling Insurance at Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association in Pennington NJ.

Michigan Region Meeting: October 12th, 2018, We are bringing Dr. Dorceta Taylor to Kalamazoo for a workshop with KNC staff and our regional ANCA friends!

Contact us if you are interested in hosting a regional meeting at your center.