Webinar: Building Organizational Resilience in Times of Change


October 29th, 10-11am PT

All organizations face challenges during change, especially in 2020. Why does recovery from challenges take longer in some organizations; while in others, the recovery is shorter and far less disruptive? Discover key systems that help build organizational resiliency during change and explore a model for resiliency that can lead to sustainability with long-lasting achievement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define resiliency in the context of organizational change
  • Identify the four systems that effect resiliency during change
  • Determine which system may be affecting your organizational resiliency
  • Compare your organization to the Change/Resilient matrix

Free, but limited to 500 participants. A recording of this webinar will be made available for later viewing. Register here.

Presented by Corky McReynolds, PhD, CPF — Principal, LeadTeam