CONNECTS: Moving Toward A Post-Pandemic World

Apr 20 2021


Time:  10-11:30am AKT  /  11am-12:30pm PT  /  12-1:30pm MT  /  1-2:30pm CT  /  2-3:30pm ET

**This CONNECTS is reserved for the top leader at your organization. We invite you to join the conversation and share with other top leaders in a safe and supportive place. 

The year ahead brings hope … and uncertainty … and more decisions. We have had to make so many decisions on so many levels this past year. Decisions impacting our staff, our operations, and our personal lives. Join your peers for a discussion on the unique challenges we face as we plan to bring staff and visitors back to programs, offices, and shared spaces. What do we need to think about for this transition? What are you struggling with? What are you looking forward to?

We will discuss these questions: 

  • Are you bringing all of your staff back? What will that look like? 
  • What do the coming months look like at your center concerning programs, office space, masks, and vaccines?
  • Is your visitation still booming? How do we continue to keep visitors, staff, and open spaces safe?

Join us for this 90 minute facilitated discussion. While we cannot guarantee solutions for all of these challenges, we can guarantee a productive discussion with your professional peers who are asking the same questions.